100 days to a Wedding!!!

100 days from today I will be making vows in front of friends and family, promising to love my best friend for the rest of my life. I am excited about the wedding but also incredibly stressed out when I think about how much still needs to be done. We have been engaged for almost two years and set the date last year but despite this forewarning we are fast approaching with nothing other than the venue and the dress set in stone. So I had an idea……..I am going to revive this blog that never really got off the ground and I plan to share my journey from here to the (hopefully) mst fun day of my life so far.  By setting myself the task of posting daily updates, I will keep myself accountable and have a record of the fun and exciting journey that I suddenly find myself further along than I had realised.

So that is the challenge to myself. What should you expect to find here going forward? I will include the story of what we have done so far inclluding the propsal and dress shopping as well as all the decisions still to make. We want to have a fun, relaxed wedding full of hand made personalised touches so that we can enjoy our day with our guests and have a day to look back on with nothing but happy memories. I have three months off work this summer and I am going to get stuck in to the wedding organisation and handicrafts the day after I finish. This is one of the major advantages of teaching as a career.

I hope that you find this interesting and maybe even useful. If you have come here looking for a tutorial on how to organise a wedding you might want to check back in 100 days. I do not know what I am doing but this will be an honest account of what works for me and what proves to be a mistake. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment below



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