Quilt Number 2 – Fabric Selection

Following the success of my first quilt and how pleased the parents were with the homemade gift, I have decided to make another one for some friends expecting their first child in September. This time, I managed to rope Mr Elbi into coming to Fabricland with me so that he had a bit of input into the gift. Despite much complaining, I choose to believe that he enjoyed it although he said that I somewhat ignored his opinion.

I liked the size of the finished first quilt so I decided to go with a similar quantity of fabric – 3 quarter meter pieces for the patchwork design and a meter for the backing (all 45″ wide cottons from Fabricland). As usual there was a substantial array of prints to choose from and despite some questionable suggestions from my other half who at times definately seems to be colour blind, we managed to reach a consensus with a green/blue colour palette.


The cream “French Hen” print fabric is the same design as one of the fabrics that I chose for the first quilt in a different colourwork. I like the fact that these prints have a variety of colours that can be picked out with the accompanying fabrics to make the birds pop in the overall finished design. I also chose the blue “Astoria” print which is a different colourwork of the same pattern as in the first quilt chosen to match the blue in the French Hen print.


The third fabric is green “Tree Owls” print which again matches the “French Hen” print. The left hand photo is unfortunately a bit washed out due an unanticipated burst of sunshine. I didn’t notice this until after I cut the fabric and I wanted to show how sweet this print is when whole. I love to googly eyes and the variety of colours in this fabric – perfect for a baby/small child.

Although this is a present for a baby boy, there is something lacking in this fabric selection to make the colours more balanced. Therefore, I chose a solid red to make a border and pick out the reds in the bird print fabrics. Mr Elbi was also fairly insistent on the inclusion of a more stereotypically masculine motif so I gave him free range for the backing fabric and he chose this “Aeroplanes” print.

I have made some changes to my methods for this quilt from the first one which I will discuss further in the next post.


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