Trying Something New – Daily Blogging

This blog has had more revivals than actual posts in its long but barren life. I find this somewhat upsetting as I do actually enjoy putting the posts up when I eventually get around to it. Now that work has got a lot quieter for the summer vacation, I should have more time to post, especially with Mr Elbi completely absorbed with the World Cup and other summer sporting events. My new approach therefore, is to do post something everyday. I have a number of things that I meant to blog about over the last few months but time and inertia have resulted in the tumbleweed that has been the only presence here over the last year.

So over the next 31 days, you can expect to see a whole host of sewing, cooking and baking appearing on here as well as some other things that I have been meaning to try for quite some time!

A few preview photos of the supplies I have bought in preparation:


wpid-20140609_180821.jpg                wpid-20140611_091616.jpg


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