New Year 2014 (slightly late :s)

AAAAAARGH! This post is already 10 days late. This blog is now a year old and has been sorely under-used. Given the amount of pleasure I get from crafting and then writing about it, it seems illogical that I cannot seem to find the time to do it. It needs to become more of a habitual practice so the inertia to blog is removed. I also need to give myself less of a hard time when I am unable to blog for whatever reason. Unfortunately, my personality is such that when I start to feel guilty about not doing something, the likelihood of me getting round to completing that project plummets. So that is resolution number one for 2014:

Do NOT give myself such a hard time for not posting on my blog

My sewing and knitting resolutions for 2014:

  1. Make an item of clothing each and every month of 2014
  2. Choose makes based on improving my skills with the sewing machine
  3. Improve my knitting skills

I have knitted a number of different items over the years but they are all small projects that are completed in a few hours. However, this does limit what can be made. This year for Christmas I knitted a present for my mum that I will blog about later. It was more involved than the things I have made in the past which was somewhat stressful with a rock-hard deadline of 25th December. Despite that, I enjoyed doing something that I could get stuck into and watch grow as I worked on it and am now excited about looking for a new knitting project for 2014. The other major advantage of knitting over sewing is that it is portable and can be done on the train/coach between Bristol and Birmingham.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s new years resolutions are slightly faring better than mine and there will be more content to follow soon as I put up some of the things I didn’t get round to blogging about in 2013.