Grapefruit Sandwich Cake

This post is a little bit late but the bank holiday weekend was so busy I didn’t have time to write anything at all. The first episode of the Great British Bake Off last week was cake themed with the contestants asked to make a signature sandwich cake, Mary Berry’s own recipe for angel cake and a showstopping chocolate creation. It was great to see the old bake-off charm back in spoonfuls from Mel and Sue with their own brand of baking related humour to the mismatched judging pair of Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. When Series 3 was first aired I was writing my thesis 18 hours a day and although I made time to stop and watch each week while I ate my Tuesday dinner, this year I was adamant that I would express my bake-off inspiration weekly in the kitchen.

My initial plan was to take one of the challenges and create my own response to them and this may be what happens in the weeks to come. However, this week I was so intrigued by the grapefruit cake made by Beca in the first signature bake that I knew I had to try it myself. Luckily this was one of the recipes that featured on the BBC website. I made the grapfruit curd and crystallised grapefruit on Saturday. I have never made curd before and was surprised at how easy it was.


I LOVE this grapefruit curd. I have eaten it on toast every day since I made it and I have a feeling there will be a jar of it in my fridge for the forseeable future as I make more and more and more. I used red grapefruits although the recipe didn’t specify. I think this probably reduced the sharpness of the cake but also gave an attractive colour overall.

The next day I made the sponge cakes and the delicious grapefruit syrup. The recipe was easy to folllow and the cake came out perfectly soft with a beautiful fluffy texture. I don’t have an electronic mixer so I used the traditional wooden spon and creamed the butter and sugar together, then added the eggs followed by sifted flour and then folded in the other ingredients.


The only element I had an issue with was the cream. Having to whisk by hand made this tiring and I couldn’t get it fluffy enough. I whipped it until the whisk left a trace and then put it in the fridge overnight. It set quite nicely and I constructed the cake. This cake was awesome. It wasn’t too sweet and the grapefruit flavour was quite mild yet still distinctive. I will make this cake again and it has already been requested for a friends birthday. The photo below shows the last slice…..the rest was eaten before I remembered to take a photo.



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