In anticipation of the Great British Bake Off

I cannot wait for the new series of the the Great British Bake Off to start this evening. I love baking and find the whole series inspirational. For those

of you who do not know, a national newspaper published a set of bake off recipe cards and a recipe booklet last week and I managed to collect all except the sorbet cake. In honour of the first episode of the Bake Off appearing on our screens this evening, I decided to use one of these recipes to make my tea. One of the few savoury recipes in the collection is for goats cheese and mixed pepper muffins. Having spent the whole weekend eating barbecued meats, this inspiried me to make a veggie teatime treat for myself and Mr elbi.

I started by making my filling for veggie cottage pie which is lentil based (with a recipe to follow) and then made up a half batch of the muffin mixture. I followed the recipe almost to the letter substituting low fat yogurt and quadrupling the amount of cayenne pepper (I like a good kick to my dinner)

Wet and dry ingredients ready to be combined

Once the liquid of the filling had reduced right down, I combined the wet and dry ingredients and spooned the mixture on top and baked as per the recipe instructions.

Reduced fillingDSC_0513DSC_0517

The yoghurty, cheesy topping went perfectly with the lentils it made an excellent alternative to mashed potato. The muffin mixture was incredibly soft having been partially steamed by the filling below and that combined with the bite of the lentils and carrot to give a very satisfying veggie supper.


This is going into the regular rotation! Hope you all enjoy the Bake Off tonight. I just have time to wash up before curling up on the sofa to watch.


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