Pork in Black Bean Sauce

Chinese food is something of a mystery to me. I have always enjoyed eating it in restaurants, even more so since discovering the Mayflower in Bristol. (Best chinese food I have ever come across and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.) Anyway, like I said chinese food is a mystery to me, Not the eating of it but more cooking it. I do frequent a chinese supermarket to buy soy sauce, prawn crackers, chilli sauces, green tea and assorted pre-made frozen chinese starters (sping rolls dumplings etc.).

However, I would love to be able to make more chinese food so when I came across some fermented, salted black beans at the chinese supermarket, I decided to give black bean sauce a go from scratch. I googled black bean sauce for some hints and came acoss this recipe. My version was slightly difference. The sauce was the same but I wasn’t sure how to mash such a small quantity of black beans so instead I just chopped them very finely. I then marinated pork strips in this for about an hour.


When it was time to cook, I seasoned a wok with sesame oil and seared the marinated pork strips. I then added a sliced onion, a couple of handfuls of shredded red cabbage, a handful of sliced mixed peppers and some green beans to the wok and mixed through. I then added a couple of tablespoons of ginger wine to the pan and covered to give the vegetables time to steam slightly. While the vegetable were still firm, I added all the black bean sauce the pork had been marinating in and on a gentle heat reduced it sown to a dark sticky sauce. Served with noodles, this made a great meal for midweek – no long preparation steps and the actual cooking only took 20 minutes (would have been less if I had remembered to boil the water for the noodles. This recipe is definately a good simple start for anyone interested in cooking their chinese restaurant favourites at home.


I think the choice of vegetables makes it look vibrant and awesome!!


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