Planning a Sorbetto

This is my next make. Spurred on by my success with the hessian bag I decided to try a Sorbetto by Collette for my next sewing challenge. There were a number of reasons for this decision not least the number of gorgeous sorbettos that are all over the internet.

I wanted something simple that would not be so difficult that I never finished it but I wanted to challenge myself at the same time.

The Sorbetto has bust darts:


A pleat:


Curved lines that need to be stitched AND binding (something that I have only read about and never seen up close):


It doesn’t have sleeves, gathers, “easing-in” (not really sure how this works) or a zipper.

So some new challenges but there are no elements that are too scary. The other brilliant thing about this make is that the pattern is available as a free download and can be made with a relatively small amount of fabric. While my sewing is still as dodgy as it is, I don’t want to spend a fortune on fabric and patterns and haberdashery just to turn it all into a mangled mess.

So now I have a pattern, I need some fabric, some thread and some of this mysterious bias stuff.

I bought some fabric (pictured above) from the ‘Fancy Silk Store’ in Birmingham. I pass this shop regularly travelling to work but never while its open and as I live in Bristol it is a bit far for making a special journey. I was early heading home for once and I nipped in and in about 5 seconds saw this, decided it was light and fresh and summery so I would have some of it for my sorbetto. As I writing this post retrospectively, I can tell you that this was not the correct fabric choice but more on that later.


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