Happy new year…..time for another resolution

I know that for most people this title of this post may not make much sense but since the actual new year I have followed up on percisely none of my resolutions and therefore am taking a redo. (Pluus I work at universities so it is the start of the new academic year for us……..that counts honest).

I blame my previous failure in part on my new jobs which mean that I spend a seemingly vast amount of time travelling up and down the M5 between Bristol and Birmingham. I have managed to carve out a few minutes here and there to be creative and now I want to get back into blogging. Since “starting” this blog in January, I have started to read some of the other amazing stuff written by some incredibly creative people and I am in awe of their creations. So I am going to try and be brave and put my creations out there for everyone to see.

I am also blaming my failure on a lack of focus. I love making things but whether that is by baking, knitting, painting, crafting or sewing depends on the phase of the moon. I wanted to have a concise theme and message for my blog but that hasn’t happened so I am going to try something new. This blog will just be me in all my swirling, rambling, faffing glory.

Mission statement over and done with…..something creative to follow.


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