Sumptuous sponge cake

I have been looking at recipes for the humble sponge cake and am intrigued by the specifications of temperatures and treatment of ingredients, I wonder how much this actually affects the final product of the process. My usual method is to grab stuff from the cupboards and fridge, fling them together, mix and bake and this has earned me and my bakery a number of heartfelt compliments. I intend to make a number of simple sponges using different methods to compare the outcomes and determine the best way to make a sponge cake.

To start the process, I made a Victoria sponge sandwich this evening paying rigorous attention to every detail. In particular, I preheated the oven, lined the tins, sieved the flour and warmed both the butter and eggs to room temperature before starting the process. These are all steps that I have bypassed as a matter of course in the past. Beating the eggs and adding them slowly to prevent curdling is also something that I have never before attached importance to breaking all the eggs directly into the mixture and mixing as one. All this extra effort added very little time to the cooking process which was surprising as I was under the impression that avoiding these steps was highly efficient. The cake I made from the creaming method followed this evening was light and fluffy and softer than I have ever acheived before. Definately worth the extra effort!


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