My new year may have to start in February at this rate as my resolutions are yet to start coming into effect and its already halfway through January. Oh well, I wouldn’t want to be conventional and start my resoutions at the same time as everyone else in the world would I? One of my resolutions was to start writing on a much more regular basis……hence this post……..and another was to start getting back into cooking. To that end, I have been reading through my collection of recipe cards collected over the years from different supermarkets and found some interesing dishes. Tonight I experimented with what claimed to be a moroccan fish stew created by the chefs at Sanisburys. This was meant to be a quick meal created simply and cheaply from a number of ingredients available at the supermarket chain. The recipe called for a can of ratatouille provencale which is not available at my local shop so I created my own and froze the additional portions made by virtue of the fact that I had to use a whole aubergine. This is placed on a bed of spring greens and topped with fish fillets before being baked for 45 min and then served with couscous mixed with chickpeas. I made a number of alterations to the recipe as the original lacked the spiciness that I would normally associate with the cuisine of northern Africa. Adding the chickpeas to the ratatouille gave more variety of textures within the stew and the addition of turmeric, paprika, chilli powder and cinnamon gave the flavour of the stew the additional dimension that appealed to my spice favouring palette. The accompainying couscous was then made with chicken stock and chopped tomatoes, cucumber and walnuts were then stirred through to produce an interesting side for the fish stew with differing textures. All in all this was a delicious evening meal which won approval with my most fearsome critic….my boyfriend and now I have ratatouille in the freezer that I can use as a sauce base for future meals.


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